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5 Reasons why you need to have a spare car key

spare car key

Unsure on whether you need a spare car key?

Lost car keys finds its place in the top bracket of items that one usually misplaces. Under regular circumstances, people do not spare a thought for spare keys until something happens to their original key.

As auto locksmiths, we know the importance of a spare car key so here are our 5 reasons on why you need to have a spare car key.

It Is Cost-Effectivelost car key replacement

The experience of losing a single key can be distressing and without a spare key, you are left with no other alternative but to get a completely new set of keys and car reprogrammed. The procedure of a spare key cutting is less time-consuming, less costly and simpler due to the forging procedure.

Provides Securityspare car keys

A spare car key gives you a sense of security as you always have an additional one to get you by in case of unforeseen event such as an accidental car lockout.

Reduces Key Breakingdamaged car key

If a single key is used for an extended period, it tends to get worn out and snaps. However, by having multiple keys it gives you an option to choose your car keys alternatively and reduces the strain on a single key making it last much longer.

Convenient For Two Driversspare car keys

If a car is shared by two drivers, spare keys can prevent a situation where your partner needs key and you are away.

Prevents Lockoutslocked out of car

A car lockout is always accidental and can be stressful and put a strain on your days plans. Spare keys can put your schedule back on track in case of a car lockout.

The Key Team provide you with the ease of car key replacement. We can repair and replace most vehicles, no matter the age and model on same day. If you visit our store, 4 Dib Lane, Leeds, LS8 3DE, you can save yourself up to £25 off on your car key replacement.

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