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Van security locks- deadlocks or slam locks?

slam lock

Looking to increase your van security and unsure whether you should install deadlocks or slam locks?

Well, read on for our tips on securing your van.

As business owners ourselves, we understand in the importance of looking after your assets. 

Despite our technology advancing each year, this doesn’t stop thieves breaking into your vans and company vehicles.

So, how secure is your van against theft?

There are common security locks you should consider- deadlock and slam lock. 

While both will offer the same security for your vehicle, they function differently. 


van deadlock

This type of lock is more popular amongst tradespeople, to lock up the vehicles overnight as an added security feature. 

The deadlocks are using a key to lock and unlock the deadlock manually by inserting it into the lock and turning it.

Slam Lock

slam lock

Another option for couriers or delivery individuals is the slam lock. 

This is great for a delivery person or courier because you usually have your hands full when delivery, and the slam locks will automatically lock when doors are closed.

With this type of van security lock, a key has to be used every time the door needs to be opened.

Different ways of protection 

Having security locks installed on the van would be a first step towards protecting the vehicle. However, van protection can also be increased by:

  • Parking on busy and lit streets.
  • Do not keep expensive tools or equipment in sight.
  • Always be aware of your surroundings and secure your deadlock or slam lock.

For any van or car key solutions, visit our store 4 Dib Lane, Leeds, Ls8 3DE or call us and we’ll come to you. 

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