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Most commonly needed auto locksmith services

damaged car keys

While locksmiths work with homeowners throughout Leeds, they can also work with vehicle owners. In fact, automotive calls are quite common so we wanted to share our most used services. 

Cutting A New Key

Nowadays most vehicles have computers, and ignition keys have chips which are known as transponders. These chips allow the key to “communicate” to the computer, ensuring that only authorised key can be used to start the engine. If a thief attempts to hotwire the car or use unauthorised key, the vehicle will not start. However, this also means that a lost or damaged key can be problematic as you’re unable to simply get a new key cut. In  this situation, one of our professional and friendly team members will programme a new one to “communicate” with the car’s computer. 

Locked Out

This is one of the most common reason for our mobile auto locksmith services. Losing keys or locking your keys inside with a child or pet can be dangerous in a worst-case scenario. The Key Team operates 24/7 so no matter the time or conditions, we are here to assist.

Programming A Remote Fob

Technology these days is great and remote key fobs are a convenient way of locking and unlocking your vehicle doors and boot. However, as time passes the fobs’ battery wears down and eventually needs to be replaced. When that happens, our team sources a replacement and programmes the new fob to work with your vehicle. 

Finding a right automotive locksmith is a vital consideration. Unfortunately well known dealers charge an extortion compared to a small business. This is why our car key services are affordable with licensed and professional auto locksmiths. 

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